5 Columbus Summer Date Spots You Need to Explore Before Fall

Columbus Summer Spots

By Lisa Hamant

The sweet scent of summer has finally hit High Street but before we know it, it will be fall.

From Columbus Commons’ weekly food truck day to Crew games at MAPFRE Stadium, Ohio’s state capital is at no shortage of outlets for some summer fun in the sun. In a city infused with local options, finding a good place to spend a Saturday outdoors has never been simpler. Check out some Columbus summer date spots below that stretch no farther than its coolest streets and suburbs.

Worthington Farmer’s Market

They have two stands for coffee, and tons of local fruits and vegetables as well. It’s a bright and sunny venue for anything from an organized family outing to a cute Saturday morning date with a significant other. Regardless, I would recommend moving Worthington Farmer’s Market straight to the top of your must-visit list.

Columbus Summer Spots
Image credit: Hannah Green

Also, trust me when I say that if you’ve never tasted a homemade White Nectarine Rosé popsicle from the Rime Time carts located here, you need to. Every Saturday all summer long, Worthington Farmer’s Market can be counted on to provide these fun handcrafted pops, and all kinds of other tasty treats.

Open every Saturday through October, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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Lynd’s Fruit Farm

So you’re craving fresh fruits and vegetables, but you don’t want an option so simple as just purchasing them from a vendor. Luckily, Columbus has places you can pick them yourselves.

Columbus Summer Spots
Image credit: Hannah Green

With apples that become available toward the end of August and last through October, to the pumpkins that arrive mid-September and last through October, Lynd’s Fruit Farm is bursting with the fresh colors of summer. This is a great place to take an easy outdoor stroll and purchase local produce! Keep your relationship and your healthy treats fresh and environmentally friendly.

Open from U-Pick open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fri., Sat., and Sun., and located either east or west of 310 Morse Rd. (Check the street signs depending on the day!) Market is open from 9am-7pm daily.

Audubon Rock Climbing Wall

Speaking of keeping things fresh, if you’re looking for a date location that will help you build new and active lifestyle habits, Audubon’s climbing center is a lesser known peak place in Scioto Audubon Park. They help get kids and newbies comfortable with scaling around on the boulders, then bring your own climbing harness and adventure through the main climbing wall’s two towers and three arches. There’s enough to keep climbing for hours!

Columbus summer date spots
Image credit: Jecy Weber found on @cbusmetroparks Instagram

And after you’ve had enough climbing for one day, you can try a more relaxing canoeing or kayaking excursion, or bring your significant other on a boat ride out in the sun. There’s something for everyone here.

Open 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Battelle Darby Creek Trails (otherwise known as the place with the bison and the buffalo)

Battelle Darby is definitely a more common and casual way to get your exercise in, but it does have a hidden secret! Buffalo and bison roam this area, and you can either hike or bike to see them, and the surrounding woodland. Get familiar with its fourteen trails, and over 7,000 acres of land. If you keep your eyes peeled and really take the time to explore, you’ll be sure to see more than a few animals grazing in one of the pastures. Located in Galloway, Ohio, this is a can’t miss spot for Columbus natives and passerby’s alike.

Open 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Image credit: Mike Fetherolf found on @cbusmetroparks Instagram

Alum Creek

So you’ve had your dose of dates themed around keeping things active. Even the most vigorous individuals can’t keep a full playbook of exercise-based activities on their off days.

That’s where Alum Creek comes in. For anyone seeking a relaxing day outdoors, or craving a beach vacation, this destination just north of Columbus is good for a quick day away from the busy city. Take a breather by the boating marina or beach reservoir, build a tan, and realize that middle of the Midwest Columbus really does offer it all.

Enjoy these Columbus summer date spots and all of the sunshine guys. Happy summer exploring.

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