Budget-Friendly Date Night: Columbus 10 for $10 Wine Tastings

Columbus 10 for 10

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you may have seen or heard about the Columbus 10 for $10 Wine Tastings events that are popping up all over town. And by all over, I mean ALL over and OFTEN. That means you have about ten chances each month to take your date on a cheap, but extremely fun, night out.

How it Works

You can arrive any time after the start time of the event. When you first get there, you will check in with a Columbus 10 for $10 employee, who will give you a glass and a list of all the wines you will be tasting. The list includes a description of each wine, the region it is from, and the price of a bottle. Multiple tables are set up around the venue and each table has all of the wine. Get your first tasting and find a seat somewhere for you and your date to enjoy your wine with good conversation. When you are ready for your next wine, get in line again. Because it is not a formal event, all of this is done at your leisure as long as it is completed by the end time of the event.

Columbus 10 for 10
Pour of Le Saint Andre Rosé | Image credit: Hannah Green

The wines are set up for you to enjoy in order, starting with the lighter, bubbly whites and ending with the sweet wines. They are chosen to compliment each other. The same ten wines are served at every location during the month. Each month, brings ten new wines, so if you attended one tasting each month, then essentially you would be able to taste 120 new wines in one year! All wine is available for purchase at the end of the night.

Most of the time, the location of the event is in a restaurant. While the tasting is not a dinner pairing, you are able to include dinner with your date night! You can plan to eat dinner before, during (after tasting 5 wines), or after you complete your tasting.

Locations Often Used

Events are hosted at various locations around the city making it easy for you to attend one close to your neighborhood.

Aloft Columbus – Westerville
Athens Uncorked – Athens
Coaches Gahanna – Creekside
Cosecha Cucina – Italian Village
The District Pourhouse – Gateway
The Olde Oak – Olde Towne East
Rehab Tavern – Franklinton
Royal Ginger Asian Fusion Bistro – Polaris
Serendipity Labs – Downtown and Short North

Columbus 10 for 10
Columbus 10 for $10 at the District Pourhouse in the Gateway District. Image credit: @columbus10for10

Other Events Offered

All Rose Wine Tasting
An Evening of Craft Cocktails at Veritas
Bourbon Tastings
Rye Whiskey Tastings
Vueve Clicquot and Rose Sparkling Tasting

Pro Tips:

The restaurants are still open for business to the general public, so I suggest putting your name down once you arrive, then enjoy some wine while you wait. Just make sure your tasting is completed before the end time!

Head over to Facebook and “like” the Columbus 10 for $10 page. Facebook is the main place they post their events. This way you’ll be sure to get the notifications and be in the know before the events sell out!

Feature image credit: Hannah Green


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