Mixology 101: Take a Cocktail Class at West Egg Cocktail Supply

There are many skills that are deemed necessary in life, but knowing the basics behind making your own at-home cocktails was not one of them for me. That is, until I took the cocktail class at West Egg Cocktail Supply. Let’s be honest, most of the time we just dump in a bunch of ingredients into a cup until something tastes good. Or maybe you just know you need something strong, so who cares about the rest? Not surprisingly, there is actually science behind the making of cocktails. And it’s not really all about the booze.

What is West Egg Cocktail Supply?

West Egg was the brainchild of twin sisters, Jess Saleska and Cole Londeree, who wanted to bring cocktails to the everyday person by providing people with everything they needed to be master bartenders in their own home. It started out with a vision, but they realized early on that their niche needed to be more than just a cocktail supply store. And thus, the cocktail classes began.

West Egg Supply Cocktail Class

What do you learn in the classes?

Every class has a theme based on the time of year, alcohol being used, or holidays around it. I attended the Spooky Cocktail class, so all of ours were themed around Halloween/Day of the Dead. All classes are taught by local bartenders using tools provided by West Egg. The cocktails come with a recipe card that you get to take home with you when you are done.

West Egg Supply Cocktail Class

During the class you are instructed on how to make three full-sized cocktails. They explain the history behind each cocktail, techniques and tools used, and the “why.” The cocktails we made were the Cynar Daiquiri, The Gravedigger, and Dia de los Muertos. The classes are very informal, which allows you to ask questions as you go along. There are breaks in between each cocktail to give you time to enjoy the cocktail, socialize, and enjoy an appetizer, if they have one. For my class they had s’mores that we actually roasted with a small torch! At the end of the class, you are given time to peruse their shop and look through past recipe cards.

Past Cocktail Classes Offered:

  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Low calorie cocktails
  • Holiday dinner cocktails
  • Tailgating cocktails
  • Sake cocktails
  • Cocktails of Italy
  • Tiki cocktails
  • And more!
West Egg Cocktail Class
Dia de los Muertos



West Egg Supply Shop
909 W. 5th Ave #2
Columbus, OH 43212
Tucked away at the end of the Endeavor Brewery building in the back room at Holy Moses.

How often:

They strive to offer 2-3 classes a month, but due to working with bartender schedules it can be less or more depending on their availability.

How much:

Classes range from $30-$75 depending on the event and what is offered. They sometimes have a mini-class, which is a tasting class only (Poolside cocktails, aperitifs, etc.). These are FREE. Gratuity for both the classes and tastings is welcomed.

How to sign up:

The best way to be notified of the event is to sign up for their mailing list. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Eventbrite.

Disclosure: West Egg Cocktail Supply provided this experience at no cost to the writer.

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